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It is simply a series of links concerned with freedom—as in liberty. Such a thing is usually called a “ring”. We prefer the sphere. It’s more like a globe, or the whole earth. We the Sphere group of site makers are connected beyond just a “Freedom Sphere” and so form a community of friends, artists, and intellects. If you are also a site maker and wish to, you can become part of this community as well. On the way there, enjoy your trip. See you when.

Martha was always happy to help

Martha was always happy to help. But this? It felt odd. Maybe Jim had a point maybe she was too kind. Unlike the other, stronger brews Sam Smith’s offers, the Alpine lager is only 2.8% strength, which sounds worryingly weak, but is of course the same strength beer used to be, back in the days when they gave you a handle on your glass. And that Sam all over he comfortable with his masculinity, and doesn have to drink 5% loony juice to prove it. Which means that his establishments naturally attract a certain clientele gentlemen of a more laid back stripe, who prefer to sit and chew the fat rather than stand and shout the odds..

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