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It is simply a series of links concerned with freedom—as in liberty. Such a thing is usually called a “ring”. We prefer the sphere. It’s more like a globe, or the whole earth. We the Sphere group of site makers are connected beyond just a “Freedom Sphere” and so form a community of friends, artists, and intellects. If you are also a site maker and wish to, you can become part of this community as well. On the way there, enjoy your trip. See you when.

Don want to be that guy waddling

Don want to be that guy waddling around camp, said Jeremy Bronson, a 27 year old marketing coordinator from Grand Rapids who is riding his 10th Michigander this year. Rear end needs to get used to being on a bike seat for several hours every day. Assured, however, if you are that guy or gal waddling around camp, you have plenty of company..

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A diagnosis of clinical depression followed and she suffered suicidal thoughts for a week. After undergoing a lot of therapy and a year on antidepressants, Mansfield realised her tale fitted the notorious pattern of too much, too soon, too quickly. “I was an extremely high flyer at a young age,” she admits.

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